Which Is The Best Pet Tortoise?

Tortoises are wonderful pets, but with so many species, it can be a challenge to find the right one for you. This article is going to list some of the best pet tortoises that you can own as a beginner, with a short explanation of why. The first pet tortoise you should consider is the Mediterranean Spur-thighed tortoise. You can buy a setup that will last them their whole lives, they are easy to keep, and they are one of the smaller species available as a pet. Furthermore, they are pretty interactive with their owners, too.

One of the most beautiful tortoises that you can keep as a pet is the red-footed tortoise from South America. They are a little more work than the first one we mentioned. However, they are worth the extra effort, as they are stunning creatures. If you want a bigger tortoise, but not huge, you should look at the Leopard tortoise. They are very beautiful, too. However, they are less keen on being handled, but when they are fully grown (13kg (29lbs)) they are slightly too big to handle well anyway.

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