Can A Pet Tortoise Survive In The Wild?

One of the worst questions that we come across is when owners search for questions like; can a pet tortoise live in the wild? It only conjures up thoughts of people who are fed up with their tortoise and want to release it into the wild. So, before I go any further, please NEVER release a pet into the wild, no matter what animal it is! Even if you think that a pet would be ok in the wild, there are many different reasons why it is a bad idea. For example, some animals change the ecosystem of the area they are in. That is exactly why Chinchillas are not allowed in Australia.

However, the most significant reason why you should never release pets into the wild is the fact that they have zero ideas about how to survive. They do not know what to eat, where to get shelter, what predators are or how to avoid them, etc. Furthermore, there are many things that wild animals will instinctively stay away from, such as cars. So, can a pet tortoise live in the wild? The simple answer is no, they cannot. If you ever find yourself in a position where you can no longer look after your pet tortoise, you should always seek to rehome them appropriately.

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