How To Feed Pet Tortoise

A tortoise in the wild will eat a wide range of foods. Furthermore, they need different food for different stages of their lives. However, unlike popular belief, they are not all vegetarians, so some species will need protein, too. So, how to feed a pet tortoise depends largely on their species and their age. However, we will give you a quick rundown of the basics. All pet tortoises will need to have a diet made up mainly of plants, and a variety of them, too.

For example, lettuce and other leafy green vegetables are a requirement for most species and should be their main staple. Remember to mix up what they are eating, too. No one only ever wants to eat lettuce every day, and nor do these. Some species will need their vegetables coating in calcium powder, too. However, as we have already said, there are species that need to be fed animal protein in the form of insects. So, make sure that you check for your individual tortoise species!

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