A Fashionable Doggie Birthday

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My doggie, Charlotte, had a birthday on the first day of Fashion Week (Fall 2006), February 3rd. Lady Charlotte insists we not share her age, but she would love for me to tell you that she is as youthful as the day she turned 3! Her momma says that age is 21 in dog years, and this little lass is still more of a puppy, with some maturity in her. She doesn’t play as much or in all the same ways as when she was a tot, but she’s so silly when acting like her cookies can move in her hunt!

On the list this year are doggie booties, pet valentine treats, and … more treats! We had a lovely time this weekend and ate a lovely dinner on February 3rd. The dogs had a lovely meal, as well, of course, but as for a good time … she was treated to cuddles and attention, but really, we give her the best of our hearts every day, so she wouldn’t notice even if she had a human time sensibility!

Oh! Charlotte wants to type!

Hmm, this computer chair isn’t cushy like my chairs are! I won’t stay long, but I do. I get to be with LaLa and see what she does all that time. She is not cuddling with mee! And I get to tell you that I didn’t get enough gifties or food on my birt’day, and don’t let anyone say different. I would also like to say that I am NOT old! Just watch me wun like a wabbit. Week! I’m back! See, compared to other dogs I know, ahem, I’m looking mighty beautiful for my age. Not that it’s an old age.

Okay, well, I know I am the cutest doggie—no, thing—in the world, you don’t need to tell me, although you will! But really, I’m not that into superficial fings or looks. It’s the real beauty–what’s on the inside that matters. And what should be on my insides is dinner. Let’s get some!

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