Valley Bulldog

Full name: Valley Bulldog Dog
Type: Medium Dogs
Height :12-25 inches (31-64 cm)
English name: Valley Bulldog
Country of Origin: Annapolis Valley
Weight :50-85 pounds (23-38 kg)
Hair length: Shorthair
Function: Working Dog
Life: About 10-12 years


Bulldogs were initially developed in the British Isles. The “bull” in the name was given to the breed because of its association with bull baiting. Bulldogs are courageous and very aggressive dogs that are practically oblivious to pain. These dogs were developed explicitly for the blood sport of dogfighting. After dogfighting was banned, breeders were faced with the task of eliminating the aggressive temperament just so to preserve the breed. Development of the race was continued over the years until the unwanted traits were bred out. A new kind noted for a gentle and lovable disposition was born… the new Bulldog. The breed was also acclaimed for its brave and dignified demeanour. This history was shared with many other bulldog breeds. In later years, a new race resulted from this breeding program. This breed is the Valley Bulldog.

The Valley Bulldog was named so because it is believed to have originated from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. The precise origin of the breed is unknown. The Valley Bulldog’s existence in Annapolis Valley was traced back to the 1900s although the race could have existed much earlier. It was speculated that the Valley Bulldog was developed in the 1950s. This theory though, was not scientifically verified. The International Olde English Bulldogge Association believed that some breeders were able to produce about 10 to 15 generations of purebred Valley Bulldogs.

The Valley Bulldog was developed when unnamed breeders crossed the Boxer with a Bulldog. The Bulldog is otherwise known as English Bulldog. This breed is famous for its sour mug expression, but owners of this breed attest to the dog’s good temperament. The Boxer, a race that was developed in Germany, is a stocky dog. This medium-sized dog is very athletic. The Valley Bulldog has the muscular build of the Boxer and the exceptional temperament and the unyielding spirit of the English Bulldog. These traits have made the Valley Bulldog a remarkable all-around farm worker. This breed was utilised initially to drive cattle and to protect the livestock from wolves, foxes and other predators and to protect human farm occupants.

The Valley Bulldog is a rare breed. The breed has attained popularity in Canada as an all-around farm dog and as a home companion, but it is relatively unknown elsewhere. The Valley Bulldog is registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association.


The Valley Bulldog loves to be around humans. They get a lot of joy out of playing with children and other dogs. The breed is playful, yet intelligent. With their high intelligence, they can learn quickly and do well with tricks, but, on the other hand, it makes them independent and stubborn. They will protect their family and bark at odd noises but are mostly calm in the house. However, they will sometimes run crazily through the house, but those bouts do not last long. They need a firm trainer, because of their occasionally rebellious nature and extreme strength.

Body type

Height: 12-25 inches (31-64 cm ) Weight: 28-35 pounds (13-16 kg) 16-25 inches in length, 18-24 inch neck.

General Description

The Valley Bulldog can either look like a taller version of an English Bulldog or a shorter version of a Boxer. Whatever the case may be, this type of dog has a muscular, sturdy build, a broad head, thick neck, and a large chest and shoulder area. The eyes are rounded, and the snout is either pushed in like the English Bulldog or sticks out a little more like the Boxer. The ears are a rose or a button shape. The feet are thick and sturdy. It either has a short small stump or a tiny screw tail. Colours include various brindles, white with brindle or any mixture of brindle, black, white, tan, fawn or red. Valley Bulldogs have stable teeth and jaws and can either have a slight or extreme under-bite.


The Valley Bulldog is a friendly and gentle breed. They love being around people and do well with children. Plus they are familiar with other dogs and small animals. Valley Bulldogs need to be in an area with moderate climates because they do not do well with temperature extremes. Ideally, they will be an inside dog who receives lots of attention but who also receives regular strenuous exercise and training from a firm owner. Families who do not want to spend lots of time on grooming may find a good match with the Valley Bulldog as long as they remember to keep them dry. If well-exercised, the dog can be happy in an apartment or a house.

The Valley Bulldog is a relatively easy dog to groom. The breed needs to be brushed but not often and only requires a bath if they get filthy. The most important thing is to keep their tail, face, and belly clean and dry, so they should be dried off well after being in the bath or rain. Without proper drying, the breed can quickly develop skin infections. Valley Bulldogs shed some, but not a lot. They need to be taken for long, fast-paced walks often and kept active mentally.

The Valley Bulldog can develop skin infections, so special attention is required to keep the folds clean and dry. If the Valley Bulldog’s snout more closely resembles an English Bulldog, then it can be prone to having trouble breathing. Most of these health concerns can be avoided by choosing a dog with a more boxer type snout.

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