How Large Do Chameleons Grow

How Large Do Chameleons Grow?

Of the many lizard species that are available and common as pets, the Chameleon is one of the coolest looking on the planet. There is no denying that their ability to change color is the... Read more
How Are Controlled Drugs Disposed Of

How Are Controlled Drugs Disposed Of?

Sometimes, people are given a course of controlled drugs for their pets, but the course turns out to be longer than they require. For example, class-2 controlled drugs, such as pain killers like ketamine. You... Read more
How Does Cat Flea Treatment Work

How Does Cat Flea Treatment Work?

Many, if not all, pet owners have experienced fleas once in their time as pet parent. Therefore, it is very likely that you have got one of the pipettes from a vet, placed it on... Read more
How Is Dry Dog Food Is Made

How Is Dry Dog Food Is Made?

Most people know how human food is made, or at least the majority of it, and it is nice to know. However, many people like to see how their pet’s food is made, too. This... Read more
How Do Iguanas Walk?

How Do Iguanas Walk?

We have all seen the reptilian way that iguanas walk – that is because they are reptiles. However, the most common way that you will have seen them walk is on four legs, almost side... Read more