How Large Do Chameleons Grow?

Of the many lizard species that are available and common as pets, the Chameleon is one of the coolest looking on the planet. There is no denying that their ability to change color is the most common reason for people to own one. However, there are other reasons, too. They are easy to keep, as they are pretty adaptable to anything. Furthermore, watching them catch prey from so far away is pretty cool, too. But, how large do chameleons grow? Are they like Iguanas, or can you have them with a smaller setup?

Males and females will grow to different lengths and weights. A male can grow up to 60cm, or 24 inches, while females tend to stop growing around 33 cm or 14 inches. Remember, though, that length includes their tail, so they are likely to look smaller. Although Chameleons look quite large and heavy, they are surprisingly light for their size. Fully grown males tend to weigh less than 6 ounces, and females less than 4 ounces. So, how large do chameleons grow? The answer is; quite long, but they stay pretty light.

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