Subaru Collaborates with CPS on Pet Car Harness Study

Safety is the essential factor that most car buyers look out for when they are buying cars. Subaru of America Inc has now collaborated with the Center for Pet Safety to study pet harnesses marketed with safety claims. The study reveals that Sleepypod’s Clickit Utility Harness is the best 2019 Top Performing Harness. The research also focuses on various aspects of pet harnesses and how it can offer better protection to pets while they are in the car. CPS is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit research and advocacy organization that has been dedicated to animal and consumer safety. The new tests that were conducted also focused on various flaws that were found in some of the popular pet harness brands available in the market. The results also reveal that some of the pet harness brands resulted in catastrophic failure and are not fit for safety.

CPS also mentioned in the study that currently there are no performance or quality standards set in the United States for pet travel and therefore most of the brands that sell pet harnesses and pet car restraint claim that their product is the best because there is no protocol to evaluate the quality and performance. Subaru has already noted this situation. Therefore, they decided to team up with CPS that will allow users to get the right kind of products from the list of top brands. Subaru also said that the Center for Pet Safety is already working on introducing harness standards later this year.

Subaru revealed that they want to offer the best cars that provide the best protection not only to the consumers but also to their pets. Michael McHale, Director of Communications at Subaru of America Inc, said that safety for pets is also equally crucial for the company. He said that most consumers end up buying the wrong harness that does not offer the right kind of safety that their pets deserve, which is why they have collaborated with CPS on this study.

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