Stud dog meat selection and propagation techniques

1, the choice of meat, breeding dogs

Breeding dogs for meat demand is a large and well-proportioned body, strong constitution, growth, and development of fast, healthy sexuality, fertility, high disease resistance, and performance tuning. Generally yellow, white dog as well, hemp dog, black dog followed. Correct choice requires head shape, nose moist, fresh feeling, articulate and tidy, muscled shoulders, back & waist straight, chest depth and width, Liang Lei open well, hips slightly higher than the shoulders, full buttocks shares, abdomen tight, drooping tail and stiff, sturdy limbs. Choose more bitches to request calving, lactation force, docile temperament, maternal well as the female body robust; choice in dogs, asked sexually active, fast growth, large size, disease resistance and excellent performance tuning dogs male parent, such as China Tibetan mastiff, the Japanese wolf blue, German Shepherd and so on. This full hybrid vigor, increase productivity and increase economic efficiency.

2, Rouquan the breeding habits

⑴ Rouquan healthy seasonal breeding animals. Estrus in spring and autumn each year is limited to the reproduction, it is necessary to seize the season, timely and breeding, to achieve a fully equipped fully.

⑵ Rouquan multiple birth, reproductive ability, only 4-6 per litter, large dogs up to 10 per litter over their heads. Once you master reproduction technology, for full Rouquan breeding potential.

⑶ Rouquan the short gestation period, usually 58-64 days, average 62 days, then pig, cow’s gestation period short 1 / 2 and 1 / 5. Therefore, to be rich bitch nutrition, care should be especially careful.

⑷ Ziquan’s primary activity is weak; growth is not perfect, no ability to live independently. Early into the primary Ziquan are Aberdeen, but do not open eyes, thanks to bitches care, a little negligence can lead to death. So Ziquan special care must carefully.

3, Rouquan of estrus and breeding

⑴ estrus: bitches sexual maturity is generally 8-12 months, depending on the region, species, body size varies. Small size 6-8 months, 10-12 months size significant sexual maturity. General second estrus breeding the best, because bitches sexual maturity, the body of individual organs are not mature, so should not be sexually mature immediately after the breeding, so as not to affect future reproductive performance. In general, bitches 3-5 months each year in spring and autumn heat 9-11 months. Exciting love animals showed estrus, irritability, love calls, loss of appetite, lifting the end of Arch, frequent urination, flushing vulva swelling, the initial outflow of mucus with blood red, almost like dogs.

⑵ breeding: the duration of the general female dog in heat 7-14 days, 48-60 hours after estrus beginning of ovulation, vaginal secretions from red to pale red and colorless, transparent, and willing to accept dogs, Pa Kua, the optimal mating period time. With 24-48 hours after the interval to repeat the mating 1. Mating environment to be quiet and shy and refused to prevent the female dog mating. Dogs penis into the vagina soon after ejaculation, and the emergence of corpus cavernosum penis balls vaginal tightening congestive phenomena. End-to-tail posture of public Bitches, over 15-20 minutes to loosen. Do not disturb the former loose, loose after the break 15-20 minutes before leaving.

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