Online Veterinary Technician Schools

The world we live in is fast-paced and based around technology, so it should come as no surprise that you can attend a veterinary technician school online. Online vet tech schools provide you with distance learning programs that prepare you for entry into the job world as a veterinary technician. You will learn entry-level training about the proper care for animals and upon graduation, be qualified to meet licensing requirements, which are necessary to find work as a vet tech. While not every school offers online (or distance learning) courses for vet techs, many do.

Become a Vet Tech Online

In addition to becoming a vet tech online, you can specialize in specific fields such as:

  1. Veterinary nurse
  2. Veterinary lab technician
  3. Veterinary radiography technician
  4. Veterinary anesthesiologist
  5. Veterinary surgical tech

By specializing in these fields, you not only increase your job prospects by becoming a more desirable employee, you also increase your worth as specialists get paid more in every area, not just veterinary technology. Further, the scope of your job prospects increase since you can choose where you want to work; some veterinarians will even pay for your relocation costs.

Of course, not all of your degree can be completed online as that wouldn’t provide you with sufficient hands-on experience, and skill-set needed to be a competent veterinary tech. Throughout the course of your studies, you will be required to spend just a few weeks at on-site practicums at local animal clinics or hospitals or at the campus of your online vet tech school (most online schools are affiliated with an actual campus, they just provide the distance learning programs to become more accessible to students). Still, the majority of your vet tech education and training can be completed in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and on your schedule.

How Long Do Online Veterinary Tech Schools Take to Complete?

Because the industry standard for vet techs is an associate’s degree in veterinary assisting, you can expect to spend about two years from an accredited online vet tech school. Of course, since you are making your schedule, this time frame becomes exceptionally flexible, making it an excellent way to transition from one career to another while continuing to work your current job. While some programs are available for faster completion timetables, rushing your degree is not advisable as it will take away from the learning experience, all of which you will put to use once you land a job as a veterinary technician.

What Kind of Online Courses Are Required for Vet Techs?

While each online veterinary college differs in their course curriculum (including which courses can be taken at home and which must be taken on-site), there are many which you can undoubtedly anticipate including:

  1. General animal health care
  2. Veterinary surgical techniques
  3. Animal husbandry
  4. Animal nursing
  5. Veterinary biology
  6. Communication skills (both with veterinarians and pet owners)

The wealth of knowledge you will acquire will be both technical and practical, helping you to deal with your everyday duties as a veterinary tech. Seeing that upon graduation from an online vet tech college, you are free to apply for a state license and accept positions at animal hospitals, clinics, private veterinary practices, and diagnostic labs, and these skills will come in handy.

Finding an Accredited Online Vet Tech College

One thing that is essential to your education as a veterinary technician is that you attend a college that is accredited. Official accreditation is vital for any vet tech school, be it online or on-campus. Without graduating from an accredited college, your vet tech degree will be useless as you won’t be able to gain state certification and licensing, therefore rendering you ineligible to find work. You will have wasted two years of your life as well as whatever tuition you spent.

The reason for this is simple: accredited schools impart the industry-standard knowledge which vet techs need to know, making sure that their graduates can pass the state certification and licensing exams. Also, employers understand that a graduate from an accredited vet tech college will be up to date on the latest medical information and procedures, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with any institution that hires them.

Look for schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It should be prominently displayed on their website. Accept no imitation, and be sure to receive verification that you are indeed attending an officially accredited online veterinary technician school.

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