Report on Spoil Your Pet Day

I thought it would be a good idea to report back to you all about how the “Pamper and Cuddle with Murphy Day” went last Sunday. Overall, I would say the day was a success. However, I screwed up a little bit when it came to “spa time.” I’d come clean about it (no pun intended), so you all can learn from my mistakes and what I plan to do differently next time. As I mentioned in a previous post, Murphy does not enjoy his bath, so I tried my best to make it fun. Since this was a “special” bath, I decided to fill the tub with a few inches of sudsy water and let him lay down in it. This worked out great! As soon as I started rubbing his soapy belly, he relaxed with a big ole’ smile on his face. He swished around gleefully, while I massaged his muscles and gently stretched his legs. After the rubdown, I gave him a good rinse and let him shake himself off, drenching me and the entire bathroom, which I usually try to prevent, but this was his special day, and he could do whatever he wanted, so I let it go.

First mistake: I reached for the towel. The designated Murphy-towel is one of my old ones. This was supposed to be his special day, and I’m drying him off with a cruddy old towel? Simply unacceptable.

After his toweling, the plan was to snack and cuddle and watch Lifetime.

Second mistake: I realized that, not only might he be chilly, but his wet little butt would dampen me and my quilt as well. Argh, I had nothing appropriate for him to wear! So, I improvised and wrapped him in a blanket, which he wriggled out of in approximately 30 seconds.

Moral of the story, folks? One must have the proper supplies to treat one’s dog to a fabulous spa day. First, you need a luxurious towel or doggie robe, which can be found on Hands n Paws.Com. They have lots to choose from, but Murphy and I like the leopard-print sheet and bath mitt set best. I also love the thick, terrycloth spa robe that can be personalized with your dog’s name. I wonder if they could embroider “Punk Ass” on it for Murph? Second, you need some cozy dog pajamas for the post-bath lounging period. Happy Paws Daycare.Com offers adorable PJ’s and lounges in an enormous array of cotton, flannel, fleece, and fur fabrics. You choose the outfit, then choose whatever custom fabric your furry friend’s heart desires.

Our special day wasn’t perfect, and I plan to be better prepared next time, but we spent lots of loving time together, and really, that’s what matters most.

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