How To Feed A Pet Spider

Many people like the idea of keeping pet spiders. Yes, we know, some people hate them with a passion, too. However, I doubt that those people are looking at this article. One thing that comes up quite a lot, though, is; how do you feed a pet spider? They are not like cats and dogs. You cannot put a bowl of food out for them and let them eat when they want. Spiders will eat a lot if you let them. However, overfeeding can be an issue, and if they become bloated, you may be putting them at risk of abdomen ruptures if they eat too much and fall from a height.

While you have the option to collect insects to feed your spider, it is not advisable, as a lot of insects will have parasites that can harm your pet. Therefore, it is a good idea to only ever buy store-bought insects. Leave one insect in their tank every three to four days, and let them eat. If their abdomen seems to shrink or become shriveled, you need to feed them straight away. Always remember to level them plenty of fresh water to drink, as they need it to help digest the food.

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