Pet Jumping Spider – Are They Good Pets?

It can come as a surprise to many people that jumping spiders are becoming more and more popular as pets. Yes, they are a lot smaller than the common pet spider – a tarantula, but that may be the reason. However, that doesn’t answer the question; are jumping spiders good pets? The answer is yes, they certainly are great for beginners. They are easy to look after, abundant so that you can find them in the wild, and you don’t need a huge place for them to live.

All you need to do is set up an area for them to live that has good ventilation, give them things such as branches to climb and jump off, water, and food. Their food requirements are pretty low; an insect every 2-3 days is enough, but do not give them insects that have hard outer shells. Small crickets and flies are the best options that you have to give to them. However, do not feed them ants as they can pinch them. As for where to keep them, they will need some sunlight, but not too hot as it can kill them. All in all, yes, jumping spiders are good pets!

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