How to Ensure Your New Kitty Has Good Manners

1. Set definite boundaries for your cat, such as where they can scratch or play with their toys. Use deterrents like double-sided tape or noisemakers in off-limit areas to reinforce these boundaries

2. Make sure your cat has a designated area for their litter box and keep it clean at all times

3. Consistently reward good behaviour with praise and treats while redirecting or ignoring bad behaviour

4. Provide enough mental stimulation and physical exercise for your cat through interactive play and scratching posts/toys

5. Seek professional help from a veterinarian or animal trainer if necessary. You and your new kitty can have a happy life together with consistency and patience.

Also, you need to take the further steps:

1. Provide a consistent routine for feeding, playing, and using the litter box

2. Reward good behaviour with treats and extra attention

3. Never punish bad behaviour physically; instead, redirect the behaviour or introduce a deterrent like a spray bottle of water

4. Enroll in a kitten obedience class to learn proper training techniques and have an expert guide you through any issues that may arise

5. Give your kitty plenty of mental and physical stimulation through interactive toys and daily play sessions to prevent boredom-related mischief.

6. Be patient and understanding, as kittens are still learning and may have accidents or exhibit unwanted behaviours at first. Consistent training and positive reinforcement will ultimately result in a well-mannered furry friend.

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