How To Clean A Pet Rabbit

If you have ever owned a rabbit, you will know that they usually take care of cleaning themselves. However, there are times that they cannot, or do not, do it very well, and you need to help. When that time arrives, you need to know how to clean a pet rabbit properly. Otherwise, they can get very uncomfortable and irritated. First things first, though; do not give your rabbit a bath unless you absolutely need to. They do not like the water, and it is likely to cause more stress more than anything else. If you do need to clean them, try the following first.

Get unscented, pure cornstarch and rub it gently into the dirty areas. That will dry out the fur, make the dirt easier to remove. Furthermore, it will soothe any areas that are irritated. After you have rubbed the cornstarch into the soiled areas, you should try to gently brush the fur. If it is very bad, matted fur, you may need to cut the fur off. Do so gently, making sure not to get too close to the skin. If you still need to bathe the rabbit, make sure to only use unscented baby shampoo.

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