Classic Valentine’s Goodies

Well, the Murphy dog finally gave up on the idea of buying jewelry for his darling Daisy this Valentine’s Day. He doesn’t want to remove too fast  but still wants to show her how much he cares. The two of us were perusing the fantastic selection of Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts on Fun Stuff for Dogs.Com and decided to go with the classic combo of candy and flowers, with a lovely mushy card. However, we know that Miss Daisy isn’t much of a candy gal. She likes her carbs and is more of a pastry lady. So we decided to go with the Gourmet Heart Cookies Gift Crate. These extra-large peanut-butter cookies are hand-frosted with dog-friendly carob frosting and contain no preservatives. Plus, they come in a sturdy, reusable solid wood crate that can corral all of Daisy’s toiletry products, which are currently cluttering up her mama’s bathroom.

Okay, now for the flowers. I suppose Murphy could present Daisy with a bouquet of real, sweetly-scented roses or carnations, but we think she’d appreciate a yummy aroma of cookies a lot more. This Dog Cookie Bouquet is just as beautiful, smells just as good, but you can eat it! The edible flowers are five hand-dipped and decorated bone-shaped cookies, nestled in a feather boa bed, tucked into a lovely be-ribboned flower pot. Finally, we all know that Valentine’s Day card is an essential part of the whole gift-giving experience, so Murphy took his time selecting just the right sentiment for his sweet Daisy. He ultimately chose the Remy Heart Belongs to You Crunch Card. Crunch Card? Yup. After Daisy reads the kind words on her Valentine, she can eat it! (Have you noticed the pattern here?) These tasty greetings are made from 100% edible and digestible flattened rawhide and come with a colorful envelope because guess what? They’re mailable!

For some extra fun, and a chance to win a gift basket full of tantalizing toys and treats for your favorite canine, check out Fun Stuff for Dogs’ Valentine’s Day Dogs & Dating Story Contest, and enter a story of how your poochie poo ruined a date, embarrassed you on time, or led you to someone exceptional. You can also read last year’s winning story, a touching tale of English bulldog, Penelope, and how she led her owner to a Mr. Right by peeing on Mr. Wrong’s shoes.

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