Jack Russel Terrier – Babby Puppy

Meet Gabriella’s new baby puppy, Ryan! He is an eight week old Jack Russel Terrier. If you all remember, Gabriella is Bubba’s mommy, who, as most of you know, unfortunately, passed away about two weeks ago. After the heartache they suffered, her husband stated he did not want to get any more animals after losing Bubba. He knew how very much his wife was hurting inside & out as he was himself torn up. All of a sudden, being the loving sweetheart man he is, he surprised her with Ryan, who was up for adoption. There is no possible replacement for the love and bond they shared with baby Bubba, and he will, of course, never be forgotten. But little Ryan has already brought so much joy to Gabriella and her husband, and they truly deserve it. We are so very happy for them and wish the most joyous days for them and their new puppy in their long and loving future together. Gabriella wanted us all to share in their joy in welcoming their new baby into their family and to welcome him to his new family of pet friends on my cute pet pics. Isn’t he such a cutie, everyone? Thank you so very much for helping to save another baby who needed a loving home and for also doing it in Bubba’s name by adopting. You and your husband are lovely people, and we are grateful for having you and your family a part of our site. We wish the best for you and your family, and we can’t wait to see pictures of Ryan as he grows up. Have a beautiful day, and God Bless.

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