Can You Have a Reindeer as a Pet?

Santa has just been around the world delivering presents to children and adults around the world. Even in the age of the internet, online shopping, and UPS delivery, the big man in red still uses his reindeer to get around on. Why not? They are more economical, environmentally friendly, and, of course, much faster. While you may not be able to get a reindeer the same as one of St Nicholas, you might think that you would like one as a pet.

Providing that you have enough room for them to roam, do not cause any problems for your neighbors, and comply with all national and local laws, there is no reason why you cannot own a reindeer as a pet. Will they be as fast as Santas? Probably not, unless you get the secret feeding recipe from him. Although, I doubt that their abilities are through food alone, and I would not let them eat mince pies! Remember, even if Rudolph does have a bite of one or two, they are a treat, once a year.

Hopefully, you put a carrot and water out for them last night, anyway.

Happy holidays!

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