Can Pet Turtles Live Outside?

There are two primary types of pond that you will see in most gardens; a wildlife pond with no specific animals there, and a fish pond where you keep specific fish such as Koi or goldfish. But, can pet turtles live outside? The simple answer is yes, they can, if the setup is right for them. They will need some land areas for them to climb out of the water onto, and they should be able to climb out of the pond completely. That means that you will have to have a fence that stops them from escaping completely.

Furthermore, they will hibernate in the winter under the water. By which time, they will have used almost all of their oxygen supplies, and need to return to the surface. If the sides are too steep, they will not be able to walk up them and may drown. Because of the lack of oxygen, they cannot swim after hibernation, so keep that in mind. Alongside that point, if the pond is too deep, there will be areas that have no oxygen at all. Therefore, you should keep the pond at a maximum of two feet deep.

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