Can Pet Mice Eat Cheese?

When have you ever seen a cartoon of a mouse that doesn’t eat cheese? Rarely if ever is probably your answer. So, that can lead to the question, can pet mice actually eat cheese? While it may seem like a wonderful idea to see your mouse eating a lump of cheese, the benefit is only your own through seeing them do so. The reality is much different from the cartoons that you see, and the way that many people think. Mice will eat cheese, but it is not beneficial to them in any way.

Mice should never be fed cheese, or any dairy product, as there are no nutritional benefits to it at all. You should only ever feed them balanced food specifically created for mice. It is easy to buy, and very cheap considering they only eat about a tablespoon a day. Therefore, keep the cheese for your glass of wine, and keep your pet mouse healthy.

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