Are Pet Mice Noisy?

Everyone loves a cheeky rodent as a pet, and mice are no different. They are small, cute, furry, easy for children to look after, and cheap to own. However, one of the questions that you may feel the need to have answered is, are they noisy? No one wants to have a pet that is going to keep you awake at night or disturb you trying to work in the day. Well, luckily, this is an easy question to answer. No, mice are not noisy in general. They do make some sound, like other animals. However, those noises are usually little squeaks, peeps, and chattering as they eat. Furthermore, you will hear them rustling around a little if you have straw bedding for them.

In general, they are very quiet animals, which means that you should be able to own one even if you have some very sensitive neighbors. However, you do need to remember to buy good quality toys and wheels for them, as they will squeak and rattle if you buy cheap ones.

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