Can Parrots Be Naughty?

While the thought of owning a parrot is something that people like, there is a different side to some of them that you rarely hear about. That is their behavioral issue. Sometimes, some parrots can have such a bad temper that people and their owners can find it extremely difficult to deal with. So, yes, parrots can be naughty, and it often manifests in one of three, common, yet different ways. We will look through them here, and try to offer a little advice for each scenario.

The most common issue that you will have is pecking or biting. There are far too many reasons why a parrot might try to bite you, so we will go into this in more detail in a separate post. However, The best way to stop biting is by getting plenty of bite safe toys and ignoring them when they bit you. Shouting is another problem and one that is rarely thought about as people like the idea of them talking. If your parrot shouts, try covering their cage while in a quiet room. Plucking their feathers is pretty common, too. You can try to discourage this by ensuring they have enough room, and toys, and the right food.

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