Can Hamsters Live Together?

People who want hamsters as pets often think that their pets will get lonely and want to have a friend. That often makes people ask, can hamsters live together? Some species of hamsters are ok with friends, it is more common to find them needing their own space. Therefore, you will need to check what species you have. For example, Dwarf Hamsters are the best species to keep as pairs. However, there is a misleading train of thought that makes people think that their hamster needs a friend.

That issue is something called cage rage. Pet hamsters can go a little crazy in their cage, and make people think it is through loneliness. However, the truth is that is often because their home is too small for them. Therefore, introducing another hamster to the same space is only going to make that situation worse. Therefore, you first need to see that you have enough space for the one that you have and then expand on it for more than one.

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