Can Cats Eat Cheese?

If you have had a cat for any length of time, or just been around someone who has one, you may have found them appearing every time you get the cheese out of the fridge. I know that  I have, and help me if I leave it out for just two seconds when the cats are around. They love it. However, the question is, can cats eat cheese? We know that they like it, but is it good for them?

Obligate carnivores, of which are cats, are animals that can only get the right nutritional goodness from meat, and any other food source is not going to be of much value if any. However, cheese is not only nutritionally poor for them, dairy is not good for their stomachs, either. That is why you can buy cat milk, and no, it’s not just a marketing gimmick, cats, like other animals, are intolerant to lactose and dairy in general.

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