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People who love and own cats are a unique brand of people; some might even say cat owners are litter eccentric. They may be right. Cat beds, cat condos, cat scratching posts, shampoo, collars, nail clippers, nail caps, nail files, food treats, and hammocks are just a few products you can use to spoil your pets. Cats can live like royalty. However, one essential product all cat owners need to buy, which is all too often overlooked, is cat litter boxes. Is your cat litter box deplorable? Do you swallow your pride and choke on your and dignity follow behind, wading through scattered cat litter, enduring the wretched smell, to scoop for a prize? You can spoil your cat in almost every way imaginable these days, so why not start with the worst part of owning a cat, and also spoil yourself in the process? As with other cat accessories, there is a vast number of different kinds of cat boxes available. If you have been suffering from a dirty pan on an old soiled carpet in a back room, fear not for there is a better way!

Litter boxes have evolved! The different types and models are near endless, but they can all be broken down into groups and categorized. In the early years, there was the simple litter pan, which was and still is very economically friendly, but now they can come equipped with higher walls and rim guards that prevent against litter being scattered out as your cat digs. However, these are still relatively primitive compared to whats else is available on the market today. Now you can get cat boxes that are covered, designer cat litter boxes for the fashion-savvy, cat litter boxes that are disguised to look like a piece of furniture, large cat litter boxes for big cats or multi-cat households, and the newest products on the market automated litter boxes. I’ll elaborate on each kind below.


Covered cat litter boxes are by no means new. However, the designs have continued to improve. The cover gives you cat privacy while using the box plus also helps prevent odors and litter scatter from escaping. People who also own dogs will appreciate covered cat boxes as they prevent dogs from getting at the ‘goodies’ within. Newer models simplify the cleaning process and make it as easy as rolling the box over onto a curved side, then rolling it back. As the box is rolled, the litter is passed through a grate separating any soiled material and depositing it into an easy to remove slot. As you roll the box back the slot with the solid litter is automatically kept separate from the rest of the litter, leaving a fresh box. Then you simply pull the slot out and dispose of the soiled litter and then return the slot, whiles never having to scoop for or touch the poop yourself. Covered models are generally the next most economically friendly models available on the market next to the plain old pan, but are an excellent upgrade, and the money spent on them is certainly worthwhile.

Got a small living space with nowhere to hide your cat litter box? There is a solution to that problem too! There are boxes out there that are created for this very problem. There are now cat litter boxes on the market that are disguised to look like real furniture, and some even do function as furniture. If you’ve got a cat box in plain sight, there is no reason why you can’t hide it. Turn it into a functioning bench, or perhaps a large plant is in order? You can get litter boxes that are triangular and hideaway in the corner or a room, and also available for the fashion-savvy, are designer cat boxes that have sleek modernistic appearances that fit easily into any home decor.

Many people are vexed with the problem of having large or multiple cats, and not having enough liter space to accommodate their cats. Well, this problem was easily solved by creating larger litter boxes. There are many different models and kinds, of course, and each one has unique features, but the bottom line is that they are all BIG. A quick search and you’ll find dozens of different models, shapes, sizes, and colors, to match any home decor.

Now available on the market is the answer to many cat owners prayers… Automated litter boxes! You’ll never have to scoop for poop again, and that’s no lie! from boxes that automatically scoop and place the litter into an easy to dispose of compartment, to automated cat litter boxes that actually flush and rinse themselves out after use, there is a large variety of automatic cat litter boxes to choose from. Electronic cat litter boxes range in price from around $100 – $400, a steep investment for some, but to others, $100 to never have to scoop for poop again is a steal of a deal! Various models require specialty products to continue to use them, so you have to shop around to figure out which is the best for you.

The market for cat accessories has changed. With such a wide variety of cat litter boxes on the market today, there is no reason why anyone should have to continue to live with a dirty old litter pan, such deplorable conditions are completely unnecessary. All someone would have to do is a quick search to find numerous online resources for finding litter boxes. Hopefully, now that you’ve read this article, you’ll have a better idea in mind of what specifically it is you are looking for.

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