What Does A Cat DoorMat Say About You

I have a cat collection. It only takes most people about ten minutes to find out that I am a cat lover. I have two cats that live with us and hundreds of items that have cats on them. My husband bought me a curio cabinet to put my cat figurines in. It is a corner curio that we have placed in the dining area. My sister gave me a cat doormat that was shaped like a cat and was covered in paw prints. There is something about the cat door mat that attracts my Siamese cat.

The first time he saw it, he rolled on it and lay down and claimed it as his own. When my sister bought the cat doormat, she had thought it would look beautiful on the floor in front of the curio. She was right; the cat door mat does look very nice there. Placing the rug, there has not discouraged the Siamese from sleeping on it. This is like a bonus because now I have my beautiful Siamese cat on display with the rest of my cat statues.

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