Are Pet Birds Bad For Asthma?

If you have asthma, you can find it very difficult to get a pet suitable for your condition. Many people believe that it is the fur of animals that trigger the problems. However, unfortunately, if you find that pets make your asthma worse, it is likely to be certain proteins in the animal’s skin (dander), urine, saliva, and any other part of the animal. As people believe it to be the fur that is the trigger, they often think that feathers do not give the same reaction and that this will be ok.

Unfortunately, among the list of things that can produce the protein particles in inhalable sizes are feathers. Feather dust, as it is known, will produce just as much of the interleukin-13 protein as fur and skin of pets. Therefore, it is unlikely that any pets are suitable for asthma sufferers, which is extremely upsetting for some people. As these reactions are usually quick, though, there is a way to test it. You can see if a pet store or owner will allow you to spend just a few minutes around a pet of the same breed that you want, and see how you react.

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