Advantages of a Soft Pet Carrier

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Making a move can be one of the most significant stressors you’ll experience. Uprooting your entire life, packing it into a bunch of boxes, loading up the truck, and heading out is not only tricky, but it’s also unsettling. And it’s even worse when you have to leave your pets behind – but we all know that’s not an option. Of course, it’s not as simple as just bringing your pet right into the car and letting them chill out next to you in the passenger’s seat. You need a carrier or crate of some sort, for their safety as much as your convenience. And even if you’re not outright moving, getting your pet from point A to point B is essential. Here are some excellent reasons to consider purchasing a soft pet carrier instead of any other sort.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Humans like soft things. That’s why we’re so partial to extra plushy couches, ultra-down pillows, and memory foam mattresses. Smooth is just nice. And pets tend to be the same way; the softer the base of the carrier, the more comfortable and happier they are with their transportation (and with you, which can be a big deal). The standard ‘hard’ dog crate can be challenging to find in a soft analog, but they do make thin, removable bases you can lay on the bottom of the container. That saves you some money since you don’t have to invest in a new carrier, and the fact that it’s removable makes it easier to clean, to boot.

Safer Transportation

Many pets that find themselves transported in pet carriers have claws. This goes for rabbits and cats, for instance, and transporting them in hard crates, while rarely bad for their paws, is sometimes sub-optimal, counterbalancing when the car turns can dull their claws, and even break them, in some instances. This makes the soft base of soft travel carriers ideal because they don’t induce the same sorts of stress on your pet. Soft carriers also protect against the jerks and sudden redirections of weight typical to driving, which is just a bonus.

Lightweight Carriers for Easier Carrying

Solid crates and carriers are reasonably challenging to carry since they tend to be much more massive than their soft analogs. Conversely, soft carriers are easy to carry, since. Well, since they’re lighter. This means you’ll hardly have to manage more than the weight of your pet when you take them around, which can make getting your pet where (s)he needs to go and back much, much more manageable.

Easy to Clean

While it might seem hard crates are much easier to clean than soft pet carriers, the opposite tends to be true. Mild airlines usually allow you to detach the base, which can be washed either by machine or merely soaking in a hot detergent solution and then air-drying. This makes soft cases much easier to clean than their harder counterparts, which is especially convenient.

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