Are Bearded Dragons Dangerous?

Bearded dragons are generally docile, chilled out, and relaxed animals. They are wonderful pets with huge personalities. They are so good as pets that they are often a gateway into the world of reptiles, and great for children. However, are bearded dragons dangerous? If you are into mythology, just the name of them makes it seem like they are, but they are certainly not fire breathing monsters that people think of when they think of a dragon. No matter how docile the species is, you will have the “rogue” animal that is more defensive than the majority, but does that make them dangerous?

Bearded dragons can bite, and they can carry bacteria that can be dangerous to certain people, such as those with weakened immune systems. Furthermore, they can even draw blood, if they feel under threat. However, the greatest thing about bearded dragons, other than their usual docility, is that they always ward you that they are unhappy. That gives you plenty of time to avoid any attacks. Take a little time to understand how bearded dragons behave, and they are extremely safe.

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