A dog theory of yin and yang

Popular pets in recent years, while there are many people afraid of dogs. Others kept the dog gets sick quickly, no matter how active the dog is, the more support will be thinner, on the contrary, some people no matter what dog breeding, they are healthy, in addition to dog the way, is not available from Feng Shui terms of reference it? What are suitable for dogs, and who is best not to keep? What kind of home for a dog, what type of housing is not appropriate?

In character, a life in the winter, or when the northern aspect, it is necessary to give a warm land of hot mud. Role on behalf of the thermal mud in two animals, one sheep, one dog. In other words, eating lamb and a dog can make a person get warm, so good luck of a person born in the winter. Who was born in year 8 November to 18 February, are suitable for a dog person, dogs can bring warmth.

Born May-August, or born in 8 October to 7 November, that was born in [Shangsi, afternoon, no] and [Xu] four months of the person, a very familiar character, in general, this character of the human species should not be a dog, and are not touching the dog, these people can not be friends with the dog. There is another fate, it was born in dragon year, which was born 5 April to 5 May, as in the Long March was born, or character, such as the [A has], [B G], [ C. Xin], [Ding Ren], [decanoic E] one of five combinations, and produce good cooperation of the Bureau, in general, such people can not keep dogs, because dogs will destroy the dragon biochemical, every character need [e] to the combined harmony, a dog, it will damage and Unification Council.

Dogs in the twelve Earthly Branches are “Xu” word, and Earthly Branches are matched with dogs, “Yin” and “afternoon,” followed as well as “Mao.” “Xu” in orientation in the dry side, that is, north-west. “Yin” in orientation in the Burgundy side, that is, northeast. “Afternoon” in the direction away from the front that is the south. “D” in the course of the proprietor that is east. The four directions and the dog is consistent. If the house door opened in the four directions, your pet dog will be relatively stable.

In the twelve Earthly Branches, and “e” clash with the dog. “E” in the Sunda side orientation, that is, south-east. If a residential mansion opens the south-east door, this door clash with the dog, the dog just kept relatively sick. There is another “ugly” bit, the ugly dog, compared with the punishment. “Ugliness” of the position in the Burgundy side, that is, northeast if the door opened in the north and are not a dog because the dog is exposed to illnesses. If the house is not open the door to the four dogs in the appropriate position and must keep dogs, it can be beneficial to the dog kennel placed in the four on the Kyrgyz side, such as interior to the north-west of the northeast, south, and east.

Also, the kennel is not made of metal, because the dog being in the twelve Earthly Branches, the five elements are earth, metal housing is gold, gold will release land, a place to live if the puppy too much metal products, dog in this health will be worse off.

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