Tips & Tricks for Pets

Veterinary Team Management

Month: February 2021

Piranhas are beautiful fish, and they are well known for being feeding generalists (they eat almost anything). Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons that people make bad choices when deciding to keep piranhas. They think that they will be able to feed them anything...
As cresties are one of the most common reptiles people keep as pets, it is interesting to know if crested geckos are smart, or not. The main train of thought with all reptiles is, they are primitive animals with very small brains. However, some reptiles...
In the past, it was understood that cats, like dogs, could only see in black and white. That may not be the case, though. Humans have three types of color receptors in the eyes, whereas cats only have two. Therefore, it is much more likely...
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