What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

What To Feed Your Pet Piranha

Piranhas are beautiful fish, and they are well known for being feeding generalists (they eat almost anything). Unfortunately, that is one of the reasons that people make bad choices when deciding to keep piranhas. They... Read more
Pet Chinchilla And Cats

Pet Chinchilla And Cats – Do They Live Together?

Do you want a pet Chinchilla? Do you already have a cat? Then you need to know if they will get along well, or if you are going to start a pet war. The biggest... Read more
Where Should Dogs Sleep At Night

Where Should Dogs Sleep At Night?

Having a dog is a wonderful feeling. You get companionship, unquivering love, and a best friend. However, where should dogs sleep at night? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as they... Read more
Are Maine Coon Cats Friendly

Can Maine Coons Go Outside?

Maine Coons are beautiful cats, and they are very sought-after pets. However, a lot of people will only ever have them as indoor cats. That can, and does, raise the question of; can Maine Coons... Read more
Can You Let A Pet Parrot Outside

Can You Let A Pet Parrot Outside?

 In the United States, it is estimated that there are around 300 species of birds that are commonly kept as pets. On average, pet parrots live about 25 years. So, when you adopt a parrot,... Read more
Can Pet Mice Eat Bird Seed?

Can Pet Mice Eat Bird Seed?

So, recently, we have received a lot of questions about different pets, how to look after them, what they can eat, etc. One of our most recent and intriguing questions was; can pet mice eat... Read more
Are Crested Geckos Smart

Are Crested Geckos Smart?

As cresties are one of the most common reptiles people keep as pets, it is interesting to know if crested geckos are smart, or not. The main train of thought with all reptiles is, they... Read more
Are Pet Birds Bad For Asthma

Are Pet Birds Bad For Asthma?

If you have asthma, you can find it very difficult to get a pet suitable for your condition. Many people believe that it is the fur of animals that trigger the problems. However, unfortunately, if... Read more
How To Clean A Pet Rabbit

How To Clean A Pet Rabbit

If you have ever owned a rabbit, you will know that they usually take care of cleaning themselves. However, there are times that they cannot, or do not, do it very well, and you need... Read more
How Cats See The World

How Cats See The World

In the past, it was understood that cats, like dogs, could only see in black and white. That may not be the case, though. Humans have three types of color receptors in the eyes, whereas... Read more
Pygmy Goat Pet Care Basics

Pygmy Goat Pet Care Basics

If you want a pet Pygmy goat, then there are certain things that you need to know beforehand. There is a lot more to keeping Pygmy goats than we are going to cover in this... Read more
How Do Iguanas Change Color

How Do Iguanas Change Color?

How Do Iguanas Change Color? The first reptile that you think of when it comes to changing color is a chameleon. However, they are not the only species that does. One thing to note, though,... Read more