Can Pet Mice Eat Bird Seed?

So, recently, we have received a lot of questions about different pets, how to look after them, what they can eat, etc. One of our most recent and intriguing questions was; can pet mice eat bird seed? We are not sure why this question has been sent to us, but we can only imagine the owner of the mouse has bird seeds and no mouse food, and the stores must be closed. In any case, we thought that we would use the question to tell more people.

Mice can eat birdseed, and actually, it is pretty good for them. They have a lot of nutrients in them. However, it is not a given that all mice will eat all seeds. You may find that some mice don’t like some of the seeds in the mix. Furthermore, you may find that some don’t like seeds at all. So, there is no problem trying them with bird seed, even if that’s not all you have for them. Just try to adjust what seeds you give to them so that they get the benefit.

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