What Pet Lizards Don't Eat Insects

What Pet Lizards Don’t Eat Insects?

Let’s face it, some people love lizards but hate the idea of feeding them live insects. Whether that is because they do not want to handle them, or they don’t like seeing animals eat each... Read more
Are Crested Geckos Smart

Are Crested Geckos Smart?

As cresties are one of the most common reptiles people keep as pets, it is interesting to know if crested geckos are smart, or not. The main train of thought with all reptiles is, they... Read more
Are Crested Geckos Friendly

Are Crested Geckos Friendly?

If you have ever seen a Crested Gecko, you will have noticed that they are very flighty creatures. They are always looking for the next place to go, something to jump on, somewhere to hide.... Read more
are crested geckos nocturnal

Are Crested Geckos Nocturnal?

Crested Geckos are wonderful pets, and they are loved by many people all over the world. They have a cute appearance and intriguing personalities. However, as with all pets, you need to know what is... Read more