How To Tame A Pet Snake

We have already written about how to handle a snake, so this short article is going to give you some ideas about how to tame a pet snake. Most of the time, you would get a snake as a hatchling, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have got a snake that is older, then you will want to proceed with caution. First of all, you need to sit with your snake, let them see and smell you, without any interference. Leave them in their vivarium. After a week or so of sitting with them, start to move things in their vivarium, without touching the snake.

After moving things, they will see that you are not a threat. Next, you can move on to gently touching them, just do not move too fast, as they will think you are a threat. When you both become comfortable with touching in the vivarium, you can start trying to hold them. Be confident here, or they will sense fear and maybe bite. Remember to support their body, too. Always handle your snake more often than you feed them, otherwise, they will associate you holding them with food, and that will tempt them to bite. Take it slow, try not to startle them.

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