Are Crested Geckos Easy To Take Care Of?

Crested Geckos are pretty easy to take care of, yes. Like all animals, they do have some pretty specific requirements. It was only in 1994 that they were rediscovered from people thinking that they were extinct. That makes them a fascinating pet. Furthermore, with the fact that they are pretty easy to take care of, they are an ideal pet for people just getting into the lizard owning realm.

As Crested Geckos are arboreal (live in trees), you will need a large vivarium. Having a tall vivarium is much better than a long one, as they like to climb, but you can turn the tank on its side if the lid is fixed properly.  The more things that you put in there, without overcrowding it, the better. The best thing about crested geckos is that you rarely need a heat lamp, as their optimum temperature is 26C or 77F. You only need to feed them 3 times a week but remember to give them the occasional treat of fruit and crickets. Furthermore, do not forget to give it enough water!

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