How To Keep Stick Insects

I remember, as a child, searching bushes for stick insects, and wanting to keep them as pets. The problem was, I knew nothing about how to keep them. Therefore, this article is about how to keep stick insects, for all of those who are young at heart or have children wanting to keep them. If you do find them and decide to keep them, take note of the temperature and humidity of where you found them. That is because all species of stick insects have different requirements.

However, The majority of stick insects will have requirements that are common no matter what species. For example, they will only ever eat fresh leaves. Therefore, it is best if you keep a live plant such as Hazel, Privet, or rose. Again, the best thing to do is check what bush they were on when you found them, and take an off-cut if you can. The size of the terrarium doesn’t need to be huge, but big enough for the stick insects to have room. For example, 3-4 times the body length in length, 3x width, and 3 times their length in height. Remember to provide freshwater, too.

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