Freshwater Snails For Your Aquarium

While we are already on the topic of snails, we thought we would also tell you a little about freshwater snails. Many people think they should only have snails because they want them. However, there is an actual use for those snails, and having them can increase the wellness of your whole aquarium. For example, while you can have algae-eating fish, snails like the Nerite snail can also eat a lot of algae. Therefore, they are excellent at keeping your tank clean. If that’s not good enough, they look good, too.

Most snails are easy to look after, too. You usually don’t have to do anything at all to keep them. There are some species, such as the Tiger Nerite, that you need to keep an eye on the copper levels in the water. However, they look beautiful and unique, so it is worth the effort if you want snails in your tank. The Ivory snail is another good choice, as they will eat fish waste, algae, debris, and uneaten food. They are very beautiful to look at, and have a lot of energy, too!

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