Do People Own Foxes As Pets?

There are so many animals that people have as pets. However, do people actually own foxes as pets, or is that just a myth? Although the normal train of thought is that foxes will not go anywhere near people, the truth is that they are wild animals, with wild instincts. However, there are people who have been domesticating foxes for a long time. That means that it is relatively easy to obtain a domesticated fox as a pet in the United States. However, places like the UK are a lot more difficult. The RSPCA will fight for not keeping them as pets, but there is no law or restrictions.

In 1959, Dr. Dmitry Belyaev started studying foxes for domestication. Since then, it is easier to get a pet fox. However, that doesn’t mean that it is always a good idea. They are extremely active and destructive, and they also have extremely potently smelling urine, which often leaves owners keeping them outside. Furthermore, they are extremely difficult to integrate with family and other pets. So, while you can, and people do, own foxes as pets, it is not for most people.

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