Cat grooming tips

Cats are very well known for keeping their daily routine of grooming paws and face. They can not reach specific areas; however, those areas to need cleaning. Most of the people understand that they are required for grooming a dog and often overlook a cat. There are several essential reasons for grooming a cat.

Reasons for grooming

Brushing your pet cat would allow you to check for ticks and fleas. Thus, you can know if ticks and fleas have attacked your cat. Brushing and combing your cat would allow eliminating dirt. Debris too will get removed that he cannot do on his own. You would not want any irritants or similar items resting on your beloved cat. Another essential part of grooming your cat is that it would help to remove all loose hair off his coat. The loose hair could also enter the cat’s stomach and could be digested by your cat. The unprocessed hair would accumulate and is known as a hairball. These hairballs may get coughed up. Mostly, the mucus hairballs get lodged inside the intestinal tract. Thus, a serious problem could be created for your cat.

Getting started

Cats love being groomed, which is contrary to what people might think. If you introduce your cat to the combs and brushes right when they are kittens, it would be a great idea. This would comfort you with more experience for you and your cat. To start up with grooming your cat, start brushing or combing the fur following by grain. You can begin coming or brushing from the back of the neck and go down till the tail. If you start up with a kitten and he happens to get irritated apparently, then stop brushing.

You can use a soft and soothing voice and pet your cat. This would bring your kitten in a playful mood, and you can continue the grooming procedure that you usually follow. As your kitten would get into a more agreeable state, grooming would become more natural. Avoid using a comb or a brush near his eyes. They do not like brushing near their eyes so discontinue, or else they might not be comfortable the next time you brush them. If your car does not like brushing with a comb at all, then you can perhaps make use of some other alternatives. Grooming glove, a handy tool could be used instead of using a brush or a comb. Using this would tool would only allow the cat to enjoy a luxurious massage. The device would remove hair, debris, dirt quickly off his coat without even letting the cat know.

Examining the cat’s eyes and ears is another essential grooming part. Make sure they are debris free. Most of the times, the corners are overlooked. A damp cloth could be used to clean these areas. If the ears are clean, they will reflect the pink hue. However, if you happen to notice blackish colored dirt near the cat’s ear, then it indicates ear mites. Teeth are another critical part that should not be missed while grooming your cat.

A regular grooming routine for your cat at home could keep your cat in a healthy condition while keeping his coat clean and tangle free.

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