Can You Produce Your Own Mealworms For Pet Food?

If you have ever had a reptile, you will know that mealworms are a great source of food for them. They are high in protein, which is exactly what your reptiles need unless they are herbivores. So, the question is; can you produce your own mealworms for food? Many people may ask why you would want to do that, and the answer is simple. How many times have you run out of food for your reptile at the most inconvenient time? I guess more times than it is at a time that you can go to a pet store and buy some.

The answer is yes, you certainly can produce your own mealworms for pet food. All you need is a clear plastic tub with a lid, an egg box, cornmeal, etc., for food, some fruit or vegetables for the moisture, and, of course, mealworms. First of all, you need to put the food down as substrate, and the cardboard egg box on top. Cut your fruit or veg into pieces and place them in the box, and then add mealworms. You will need to keep them in a warm, dark place, and maybe take out the adult beetles and keep them in a separate box as other food.

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