Can wild animals spread COVID-19 to pets?

Coronaviruses are common in many wild and domestic animal species, encompassing horses, camels, cattle, bats, cats, dogs, ferrets, and others. In rare cases, coronavirus can be spread from wild animals to pets and humans.

Bats are possible host reservoirs for the COVID-19, which can spread to domestic animals and humans.

A study published in the Science journal deduced that cats could be positive for the novel coronavirus but not become ill. Dogs showed the same results. The study showed kittens as being more susceptible to the disease.
So far, there is no evidence that you can contact COVID-19 from a dog or a cat. If domestic pets interacting amongst themselves may not infect each other with the virus, it is also highly unlikely that wild animals can infect our pets.
A lot about the novel coronavirus is not yet uncovered. Stay up to date with information about the disease. Things can change, but don’t underestimate the spread of the virus. To be on the safe side, consider appropriate hygiene to all the animals in your compound, and consider cleaning the pet’s living areas as the health officials continue working to associate the source of Novel coronavirus on animals.

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