Can Pet Rabbits Live Alone?

There is always an element of excitement about getting a new pet – otherwise, we wouldn’t do it. However, if you are going from a no pet household to owning a pet, it can be very daunting to consider having more than one to contend with. Rabbits are great family pets, they are furry, friendly, and great for kids. However, can pet rabbits live alone? Maybe you already have a rabbit, and you think there may be something wrong with it, but there is nothing that shows physical issues.

Well, the truth is, rabbits are naturally a sociable breed of an animal who needs company. So, if you are looking to get a rabbit, you need to think carefully and consider having at least two. Pairs of rabbits are fine together, so there is no need to me thinking that you need more than two. It is best if you can have two from the same litter as they will fight less, and it is a good idea to have a brother and sister, both neutered. Although, both the same sex will get on ok, providing they are neutered too.

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