Best Small Pets To Own For Beginners

More and more people are living in smaller housing and apartments than ever before, and that number is not likely to decrease. What does that mean for want-to-be pet owners? Well, in simple terms, you have the choice between a small pet or no pet at all. Of course, you can still have a large pet such as a dog, but they are a lot more difficult to look after while you are in a small home. So, what are the best small pets to own for beginners?

Here is a list of some of the smaller pets that you may want to consider while looking for that new companion:

  • Birds. – You will still need to consider which breed you choose, as some will live a very long time, and are a huge commitment.
  • Crustaceans. – Crabs, shrimps, and lobsters do not take a lot of space up, but they will require controlled environments.
  • Fish. – Depending on the species of fish you chose, you may need a more complex setup. Goldfish are the easiest to keep.
  • Rabbits. – You need to have an outdoor area for rabbits to use as a run.
  • Reptiles. – Reptiles need heating and special lighting but can stay in a vivarium and be let out into the house.
  • Rodents. – Rats, mice, and other rodents are pretty easy to keep, providing you give them a big enough home with places to hide and explore.
  • Spiders. – Not everyone’s choice, but they do not require a lot of space.

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