Are Pet Ferrets Expensive To Own?

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Ferrets are not an extremely common pet, but they are certainly gaining popularity quickly. That has lead people to think about owning one themselves. However, it can lead to questions such as are they expensive? The cost of a ferret is not overly expensive, and you can buy them for as little as $20 – $130. There is a large price difference due to breeder discretion, bloodline, and, vaccination records. However, as pets go, that is not too bad.

Keeping a pet ferret will include some initial outlay, as with all pets. For example, you will need a decent cage for them. However, if you buy a high-quality cage, you are likely to not need to buy that again. Bedding will cost around $40, but that will also last you a long time. Ferrets love to explore, so using ferret tunnels is a great way to let them get exercise and explore at the same time.  Ferret dry food is not expensive, either. As they do not eat huge amounts, as a dog would, 5lbs will last a pretty long time. So, all in all, there is an initial outlay, as with any pet, but the cost evens out very nicely. Therefore, they are pretty cheap and fun pets to own.

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