Are Dog Flaps Safe or Should You Avoid Them?

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Most people have seen cat flaps, a little personal door for your cat to get in and out of the house on their own. However, a slightly newer addition is the dog flap. One of the most common questions around them is; are dog flaps safe? Well, The most prominent safety concern that may think about first is the size of the dog. If you have a large dog, but the flap is too small, they may get stuck in it. That is not safe. However, there are other safety issues that you need to consider, too.

If you have a small enough dog to fit through a standard cat flap, you could use an automated locking system with a collar. That would stop other cats and small dogs from getting into your home. However, you need to think about it a little more. For example, where is your dog going to go when they get outside – will they have an enclosed and safe area? Are you likely to have visitors that your dog doesn’t know – will they attack them?

Another issue is the size of the flap. Will people be able to reach your keys or your inside door handle? Or be able to climb through it? Dog flaps are generally safe; it is the other issues that you need to think about.

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