Are Pet Turtles Friendly

Are Pet Turtles Friendly?

If you are looking for a reptile pet, you and your children may be drawn towards the visual appeal of a turtle. There is nothing not to like about them. They make no noise, easy... Read more
Are Pet Rat Bites Dangerous

Are Pet Rat Bites Dangerous?

All rats can bite, even when they are your pet. It is often when they feel like they are in danger out of self-defense. However, that can even be when you pose no threat whatsoever,... Read more
Why You Need To Treat Dog Eye Problems As Emergencies

Why You Need To Treat Dog Eye Problems As Emergencies

There are many issues that you can come across in dogs‘ eyes. While you may think that some of them only look like minor issues that may resolve on their own, they are not. All... Read more
Are Your Dogs Hip Joints Your Priority

Are Your Dogs Hip Joints Your Priority?

Many large and giant dog breed owners worry about issues with their pet’s hip joints. However, hip dysplasia is a common issue for dogs of any breed and size. There is no specific cause of... Read more
Can Iguanas Swim

Can Iguanas Swim?

The two most common species of Iguana are the Green Iguana and the Marine Iguana. As the name suggests, the marine iguana is as at home in the water as they are at home. However,... Read more
Can You Have A Pet Piranha In Australia

Can You Have A Pet Piranha In Australia?

First of all, Piranhas are not native to Australia, they are more native to the Amazon river and Latin America. Furthermore, they have not been introduced into the Australian ecosystem either. The only places that... Read more
Can Pet Mice Live Alone?

Can Pet Mice Live Alone?

The easy answer to this question is yes, pet mice can live alone. However, mice are usually very social animals, so there is a benefit to keeping them together. Although, if you want to keep... Read more