What Is A Pet Chinchilla Dust Bath?

Chinchillas are one of, if not the, fluffiest animals that you will ever feel. They have very unique fur, which is not meant to get wet at all. If it does, it is extremely difficult to dry. Therefore, unlike people, we should never wash a chinchilla with soap and water. You should only ever give them dust baths. However, what is a chinchilla dust bath, and how do you give your pet what they need? The first thing that you need to do is find the right dust.

One of the best options that you have to use for the chinchilla dust bath is Chinchilla bath sand; natural volcanic pumice sand, which, is actually completely dust-free. Along with that sand, you will need to have a bath for them. We suggest a completely enclosed box, with some air holes in it. That will allow them to roll around in there without creating a mess for you to clean up after. Only ever give your chinchilla dust bats once or twice a week, as it can dry their skin out.

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