The Community Of Marathon Florida Make Huge Efforts To Protect Wildlife

Marathon, FL, is home to a large number of species of birds that can’t be found in other regions, and this makes it a fantastic vacation destination for you if you are a passionate birdwatcher. The subtropical climate, abundant plant life, and the beaches here draw in these feathered friends from several different areas. Throughout the nesting season, you will find several tourists as well as residents crowding the locations where birds are known to build their nests. If you’re a keen birdwatcher or only just like viewing these graceful winged creatures up close, you definitely should go to Marathon, Florida.

Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival

Lots of effort is being invested by the local people of Marathon to safeguard wildlife, particularly birds. This includes functions to enlighten the general public and also to volunteer programs that help preserve the natural habitats where the birds typically make their homes. The Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival is one such yearly affair put on in September by enthusiastic members who are keen on doing their bit for wildlife conservation. The 2011 event is going to be held in Marathon from September 21st onwards. Throughout this festival, bird watching field trips will be held to expose amateurs to the incredible world of our feathered friends. Volunteers will give out data, guide you to known birding habitats, and explain the need for protecting these creatures.

Rare Species spotted in Marathon.

Marathon is home to some rare birds which are viewed as threatened species today. One such species is the shorebird that is referred to as the roseate tern. Based on a recent report in The Republic, a flock of roseate terns has established a considerable colony on top of the government building being used by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Interestingly, this agency is responsible for protecting the species. State biologist Zambrano thinks that there are more than 65 nests situated in this site. The rooftop gravel looks and feels like the natural nesting locale of these birds, which is the reason they have built their colony here, he says. If you are planning on vacationing here this summertime, it is possible to catch sight of these threatened birds.

Best Bird Watching Locations in Marathon

Numerous sites are ideal for bird watching in Marathon, and you are sure to discover volunteers and bird watching lovers here who are prepared to share their knowledge with you. Birding locations around Marathon include Long Key State Park, Marathon Airport, Curry Hammock State Park, Crane Point Museum of Natural History, Bahia Honda State Park, Boot Key, and National Key Deer Refuge. These lovely locations are also terrific spots for a tranquil picnic. Making a reservation for your accommodations at a blue-green resort, The Hammocks is a beautiful way to enjoy your bird watching trip in Marathon. You can catch sight of egrets, herons, and pelicans amid the mangroves that are around the resort. Lose yourself in the abundant greenery that you’ll find at this environmentally friendly resort and invigorate your mind, body, and soul.

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