Powerpets used to be the second-largest virtual pet site next to Neopets.com; however, ever since the launch of Marapets, its popularity has gone down, and more users are moving to Marapets. Why is this? Powerpets is going downhill because of its lack of being a “virtual pet site,” it has real-life animals, but it doesn’t have “virtual pets.” Maybe if Powerpets pushed the site towards being an actual virtual pet site, then it might be able to surpass Marapets again. Its economy is excellent, its art is okay, but their lack of innovation isn’t. They’re working on v2 of Powerpets, which is said to be launched by the end of the year and will hopefully put Powerpets back in the lead of Marapets… We’ll have to wait and see.

What Powerpets needs to do, though, if they want to overpower Marapets is release new features that Marapets has yet to release. They need more quests – maybe a few endless quests such as; food, toys, etc. that aren’t exactly like their regular quests and things to do. Powerpets lack things to do, and it needs to work on that if they wish to come back as the #1 contender to Neopets.com. Marapets will be the leader for the next few years unless Powerpets steps their game up… Let’s see how Powerpets can compete again. It lacks optimization of on-site keywords. Powerpets is a virtual pet site, correct? So if it wants to rank for such terms, they’ll have to do the following: -Change the title tag. It’s annoying. It should be “Power Pets: Adopt Virtual pets” or something better than their current one of “Power Pets – Adopt Virtual Pets and play Free Games in a Virtual World.” They’re trying to rank for “games” with its current title, but that’s not going to cut it. Don’t try to rank Powerpets if you’re not building backlinks as well. -Change the description from “Power pets – Play free games and adopt virtual pets. Everyone needs a virtual pet!” to “Power pets, adopt virtual pets, and play with everyone’s favorite virtual pet!”. That way, you can rank for “virtual pets” as well as “virtual pets.”

-Rewrite your current homepage. It’s small and doesn’t explain Powerpets much. Why not change it to something like this? Powerpets is a virtual pet site where you can compete in many virtual worlds as well as emerge yourself with our various virtual pets, care for them, raise them and play games with your very own virtual pet! Anybody can adopt our multiple pets, whether you like real-life animals or virtual pets; we have many pets to choose from! -Also, tell more about Powerpets on the homepage, write up a more extended description of Powerpets so that your visitors know what the game is like and such.

Why try to compete with Marapets by having the keyword “dress up” your profile on the homepage? Don’t include simple keywords unless you’re building links with it in the link anchor.

So, with that being said, what else do you guys think Powerpets can do to become the #1 contender to Neopets.com again?

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