Pet Spider For Beginners

It is Christmas day tomorrow, so what better question is there to answer than which pet spider is best for beginners? OK, maybe I could have thought this through a little more, but here we are. If you are new to owning a spider, there are two things that you need to consider more than most things. They are the venomousness and the fragility of the spider you choose. If you are unsure of owning a “real pet” spider, such as a tarantula, you could consider first keeping a house spider as a pet. That will give you the feel for owning one, looking after it, providing it food, etc., without the risk of having to rehome it (you can just put it back into the garden)!

If you are serious about keeping a more exotic spider, then a tarantula is going to be a better choice. However, going back to the venomousness and the fragility, you need to think of one that will be ok to be handled, and not cause too many problems if they bite you. A Chilean Rose, Costa Rican Zebra, or Mexican Redleg is going to be the best option, as they are not very fragile, and the bites “only” feel like a bee sting. Yes, they still hurt!

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